Coutts & Co. is a private bank and wealth manager, founded in 1692, based in London, part of the Royal Bank of Scotland/ NatWest Group's wealth management division.

Coutts & Co.

Royal Bank of Scotland Group 


I joined the RBS Group in May 2018 to lead innovation teams delivering new service propositions for the Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS Innovations hub in London).

A year later I moved to the Coutts & Co Private Bank, part of the RBS Group, to manage the implementation of client journey strategy for Understand Needs & Advice Journey (Investment and Wealth Management).  

My role as the Client Journey Design Director has included embedding client journey design best practices and techniques and service design thinking into process improvements and optimisation within the private banking client journeys to improve both client and colleague experience.

Between 2018 and 2020 I facilitated design workshops with multidisciplinary teams, developed detailed service blueprints and client journey maps, led on strategic projects in capacity of a product manager, identified opportunities in improvements in Understand Needs & Advice journey, supported the Head of Advice and Suitability of Coutts & Co. in the alignment of the regulated advice process across client journeys.    

In my role I engaged designers, tech developers and frontline colleagues (advisers, analysts, private bankers and wealth managers) in collaborative sessions (online and on-site) resulting in new ideas and detailed designs for a number of projects transforming client journeys at Coutts & Co. 

Working for Coutts & Co. offered an excellent opportunity to better understand private banking sector and ultra-high-net-worth clients; their needs and expectations for a delightful service, digitally enabled, from the oldest bank in the United Kingdom. 

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Video below presenting overview of one of the projects  I was leading while working for Coutts.

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