Service design is an approach and a toolkit that helps organisations improve and design new services with the goal to enable desired client experience, meet client needs and optimise a service setup.


Service Design

Service design is the activity of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of any service in order to improve its quality and interactions between a service provider and its customers across the entire customer journey. It improves the experience of both customers and employees and optimises the organisational setup behind the service. 

Service design innovates (creating new) or improves existing services through research, developing ideas and testing customer experiences. It is all about making services we deliver more useful, usable, desirable and enjoyable for clients. Every touchpoint within the client’s interaction with a product or a service is designed to deliver experiences based on the brand’s promise, and to respond to customer needs and expectations.


Customer Journey Map is used as one of the main tools shared across service design. It captures customers emotions and experience throughout the service model.  It also helps to ideate the future aspirational customer experience. It is followed by a detailed Service Blueprint that breaks down all of the processes, policies, teams and digital setup behind the service experience. Every touchpoint within the client’s interaction with a product or a service is designed to deliver experiences based on the brand’s promise, and responding to client needs and expectations. 


  • Introduction to Service Design Workshop Materials

  • Ideation and Inspiration Cards

  • Customer/ User Research / Interviews

  • Customer / User Personas

  • Empathy Map

  • 'As Is' Customer Journey Map

  • 'To Be' Customer Journey Map

  • Service Scenarios

  • Synthesis Wall

  • Service Blueprint

  • User Stories

  • UX Design / Design Wireframes

  • Service Stakeholder Map

  • Prototyping

  • Service Value Proposition Canvas

There are several posts and additional resources related to service design practical application in the INSIGHTS section with case studies and detailed analysis from across industries ( including financial services and investment management, private banking and luxury, or travel ).

To learn more about service design you can watch videos below or visit the Service Design Network website.  

 INSIGHTS: Service Design Articles


Service Design and Program Management Experience from large multinational organisations based in London, Montreal, Toronto, Oslo, Atlanta, Warsaw, Krakow. Working remotely with globally distributed teams and stakeholders. 

Service Design Testimonials Video produced for Coca-Cola GBS:



Daniel Szokalski


The Coca-Cola Company

Michal demonstrated how service design thinking methodology can help business needs and goals. He connected and kept engaged all project team members, subject matter experts and stakeholders in Atlanta, London, Dublin, Warsaw, San Jose and Manila. He is an inspiring design thinking advocate...


Mike Hakkens


Fidelity International

My wholehearted recommendation of his work is primarily based on his thorough understanding of design and journey mapping, his outstanding organisational and delivery skills as well as his confident and personable stakeholder management. 


David Pallister 


Coutts & Co.

Michal brings a collaborative approach to both strategy and design. His design skills brought the project to life and ensured the stakeholders understood the vision and purpose prior to delivery. He challenges constructively to ensure process improvement and optimised user experience...

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